Teaching guitar is my main gig. I really enjoy it and I am good at it. I am currently taking students in Chelsea and Ann Arbor. My teaching style is based on using repertoire to illustrate musical concepts and to learn important techniques. I enjoy teaching many different styles  as long as the music is helping the student improve. I have taught songwriting, jazz improvisation and repertoire, rock guitar and bass, lap steel, mandolin, country music, fingerpicking (especially travis picking), all the usual blues, pop and classic rock songs, and of course note reading and music theory.

My students learn how to read notes. It’s not hard to do and guitarists are better off when they can understand written musical notation. They also learn how to put chords together, how songs are structured, and how to improvise. Many of my students have gone on to become professional musicians and/or to major in music at the college level. I take students at all ages and skill levels. I like the variety! For example, I am writing this at the end of my workday. Today I taught the solos from “Sultans of Swing”, gave a lesson on how to improvise over “All of Me”, taught an 8 year old how to read his first three notes and hold his pick, did some travis picking with an adult student, and even figured out how to play the guitar solo and the chords for “Dead Flowers” at the same time. Regardless of where you are in your musical journey, I can help you out.

Contact me here for lessons.


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