I’m usually involved in a number of projects but I try to keep my focus to one or two main groups at a time. Currently I am working with the Ann Arbor Guitar Trio and the Alex Anest Trio. The Ann Arbor Guitar Trio is exactly what it sounds like. Three guitarists from Ann Arbor. This is a creative group with a focus on interesting arrangements and improvisation. You can hear stream us everywhere and find us on Facebook. The Alex Anest Trio is a Guitar/Bass/Drums jazz group. We play a fair amount of Monk, some original tunes, and music by great jazz composers such as Mingus, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, etcetera. You can stream us everywhere.

Other groups I currently play with include Public Danger, Klezmephonic, Bluewater Kings, and Kevin Meisel. Groups I used to play with include Khalid Hanifi, Nessa, Bucktown Kickback, Ryan Racine and Gas for Less, Delta 88, Giraffe, Secret 7, Another Grand Design, and Vailcode. Groups I have never played with include the Beatles, the Jazz Messengers, and Journey, among others.